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SHIELD n PEEL temporary surface protection was first implemented nearly 12 years ago after a local glazing business wanted our help to formulate a product that would offer temporary surface protection of glass windows, doors and frames during the building or construction process. Being the preferred supplier to the AWA (Australian Window Association) for their self adhesive performance rating labels, we quickly realised through our contacts and relationships in the glazing industry that the need for temporary surface protection was being widely required in all areas of Australia, making the introduction of SHIELD n PEEL Windows the perfect solution to this ongoing problem.


Whilst SHIELD n PEEL Windows was our initial product introduced to protect glass, windows and frames alike, the buzz around town was that there were many other surfaces that required surface protection such as bath tubs, kitchen benchtops, floors and even vehicle paintwork.


Through a great deal of custom formulation (with our trusted partners and chemists) we have worked tirelessly to develop a range of additional surface protection products under the SHIELD n PEEL banner. All of our products have been designed to be environmentally friendly, water based, easy to use, non-carcinogenic and can be easily disposed of in the general waste.


Unlike other business models who only supply surface protection through so called "applicators" we make SHIELD n PEEL available to anyone who requires it, regardless of industry or shipping destination. We deliver with speed, direct to your door.


Operating on the NSW Central Coast, we’re proud to say that SHIELD n PEEL is family owned and our products are now a primary solution many construction professionals and DIYers are choosing. Our ever widening customer base is a testament to the value of our surface protection, and we thank them all for being an integral part of the SHIELD n PEEL success story.

Our range of surface protection is always growing with feedback from our customers being resoundingly positive. We pride ourselves on delivering a quality product at market leading prices to the masses. We have also been instrumental in making our product available Australia wide via a chain of prominent hardware and building suppliers that allow instant access for the largest construction companies to the DIY home repairer.


Locally owned and operated, at SHIELD n PEEL we enjoy the challenges of resolving your surface protection needs and we take great pride in hearing the exceptional results achieved when using the SHIELD n PEEL range of temporary surface protection products.



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